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With the year coming to a close, had been taking a look back at some of the best Bollywood-centric pieces weve read around the internet in 2016 including interviews, essays, evaluations, opinion pieces, and more. Here are a few of our favourites. (Titles are links. ) Fast Forward: How Ranveer Singh Caused it to be Taran N Khan intended for Caravan, February Ranveer Singh is at the top of their game, and everyone wants some him. This story is an in-depth look at the actor, the person behind the actor, great growth and struggles. FanHow Social Media Changed Passion Straight into Power Mo http://naplyrics.com/Yeh-Jo-Mohabbat-Hai-Yeh-Unaka-Hain-Kam-lyrics hini Chaudhuri to get Film Companion, April An insightful look into fan tradition as it relates to Bollywood stars, and how important social media enthusiast clubs are to a celebritys digital image. I Am Begging On Bended Knee For Freedom For Films Karan Johar for NDTV, Summer Karan Johars first inside a series of candid columns, where he talks about censorship and ethical policing. Even more interesting considering what he went through a couple of months later for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Dear Smart Salman Khan Fan, The Finally Time For Us To Talk Rega Jha for BuzzFeed India, June A courageous piece on how defending Salman Khan and his comments equals defending misogyny, violence, goonism, and a whole host of other moral and legalities. The SRK Interview Ankur Pathak for Huffington Article, July Even after giving thousands of interviews, theres still more to Shah Rukh Khan that needs to be uncovered. This job interview and its subsequent part can be amongst the best reads within the superstar, and really makes you think that youve spent some time in the head. Sultan Is A Weakling Salman Khan Film Which means this Review Is Kinda Sorta Super Fucking Pointless Sahil Rizwan for BuzzFeed India, July The Vigil Idiots most viral review of 2016, which rips apart Sultan, points out plotholes, and acknowledges that everyone will view it anyway. What Are Bollywood Films Really Trying To State About Women? Proma Khosla for Brown Girl Newspaper, August If youve actually rewatche d a film you cherished, only to realise that the problematic, sexist, and filled with stereotypes, youll want to read thr

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