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Wah Wah Ramji Song Lyrics - BollywoodLyrics.com

Photo Credit: Kangana Ranaut At the Reebok #FitToFight awards, held in the capital last night, Kangana Ranaut had been present as the brand ambassador of the leading sports brand name to honour women who have defeated all odds plus emerge as a winner. Kangana herself, was embroiled in an ugly legal battle with the girl alleged ex, Hrithik Roshan and the subject became media fodder. Addressing the media about her #FitToFight story, Kangana spoke about the problem in detail and said: Some thing in me, which has been the cause of all controversies, is urging me to say this. The particular voice inside me is saying dont do this but it will be unfair not to share such an important aspect of my life today. The world knows me as an achiever and the world provides more importance to my accomplishments but for me, the most important thing about my persona http://naplyrics.com/Pukarta-Chala-Hu-Main-lyrics lity is that I see myself as a lover. Easily is a fan of any facet of myself then it is the ability to love and to be able to remain in love even though the other doesnt really feel the same thing. She additional narrates her entire tale: There was this young young lady in the mountains. Extremely brave, naive, impractical and stubborn. This girl, when she was walking she saw an image of a man and she dropped is love with your pet. And that picture led her to cross oceans, deserts, mountains and landscapes. She actually is standing under stars with all the man and this man kisses her and he says I really like you. The worlds fulfill and it becomes a trap between real world and the world which was supposed to be future and to be reached, but one manages to reach there. What happens is the fact that this man says that will she is not a normal woman, she has a lot of fire within her belly. And she isnt even a woman, she is a lion in a woman. Therefore , the man gets scared of the woman and thats when the whole love story becomes a tragedy. But the thing is definitely I cannot help if I have got fire in my belly. To create myself worthy of an individual or my lover, I have crossed m ental landscapes, human landscapes and all sort of distances protected. But what happens when these types of worlds meet and you are encountered

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